Raidoverks Demiporteur V2 Rack

Our Raidoverks Demiporteur and Rando racks are the first front bike racks designed for both straight-blade and traditional raked forks, with multiple light and fender mounts, as well as adjustable stays you can trim for a perfect fit. Bolts to fork crown and mid-blade eyelets (or you can use P-clamps to attach to forks that lack eyelets). Triangulation at mid-blade makes for a better ride than with racks that attach at the dropout, which can rob a fork of its spring. Comes with two sets of struts, one straight and one offset for wider forks. Neatly packaged with a hangtag. Specifications for the second-generation Demiporteur rack will be posted shortly (first-generation version shown in the picture).

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