Demiporteur V3 Rack

Our Version 3 (V3) Raidoverks Demiporteur top-load rack is now made of steel for additional strength and durability. The dimensions are still 313mm wide (approximately 12") and 262mm in length (approximately 10"). This rack is for both straight and raked forks, with multiple light and fender mounts.

Each rack comes in glossy black finish with ED coating, and includes a reusable packaging bag, all necessary hardware and two sets of 230mm (aluminum) struts: one straight and another with offset for wider forks. Designed for 15 kilograms or 33 pounds of load. Limited lifetime warranty. Shipping extra.

Note: 425mm straight or offset struts sold separately are required for installation onto lowrider mounts.

V1 Rando shown in the picture.